A new suspicion over the World Cup in Qatar

It is well-known that in the Middle East, the rights of the LGBTQ+ community are not honored or enforced, and the members are persecuted. After the reactions of protests by various teams like Wales, a seemingly separate event has already sparked discussions in all sports betting blogs, that the already suspected for various crimes Qatari authorities have proceeded in a murder. After the recent arrests of politicians of the European Parliament, for receiving bribes from the emirate, the entire tournament is now covered by rejection and resentment.

The suspicions

48-year-old reporter Grant Wahl died yesterday during his coverage of the quarter-final between the Netherlands and Argentina. According to the initial coverage, he lost consciousness and collapsed at Lusail Stadium. Despite all efforts for resuscitation, he was pronounced D.O.A. at the local hospital. It was not clarified if he died on the spot or during the transition.

It would just be a tragic incident if, a few days before, the same reporter had not been arrested by the local police and questioned for half an hour about his «unacceptable» behavior of wearing a T-shirt supporting the LGBTQ+ community during the match between the USA and Wales. Also, according to his brother, Eric Wahl, the deceased was in perfect health and had received death threats for his disregard of the local customs. He voiced the first concern that this was indeed a murder case and he asked for any assistance possible.

The proverbial straw

The devoted fans of the teams of the various nations could not care less about the implications on the side of the main event. They only care about the victories of their favorite side. However, those who do not support any side have already expressed their resentment toward the entire organization. It is a rather disheartening fact that the neutrals have already deserted the tournament, while very few new fans of the sport can be added, due to the suspicions.

Upon the announcement of the assignment, people were almost certain that there were bribes involved by the FIFA officials. The results of the relevant investigation did not persuade anyone that this was not indeed the case. Then came the accusations about the deaths of numerous workers and the investigation at the European Parliament that proved that at least 4 politicians have received bribes from Qatar. In fact, some of them were caught red-handed with relatives also being arrested for the crime. It is more than enough to justify a suspicion that what happened to Grant Wahl is not just a tragic happenstance.

For the sake of the sport, all of the above needs to be clarified as quickly as possible, otherwise, the prestige of the competition will suffer a quite serious blow from which it may never recover. Not just for betting on FIFA competitions, or even attending their events. At the end of the day, the only ones that care about the sport will be the fanatics.

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