Computers’ general objective is to make things easier, that’s why nowadays there is a software for almost everything. From work to leisure activities, technology has made its way into our lives at an astonishing rate in the last decade. The sports industry is not an exception. Every year more and more automatic systems are implemented in order to limit human errors as much as possible. For example, the employment of the VAR started mainly with football and, though a little polemical at first, it not only represented a major advance in terms of technology applied to sports but also was adapted to many other disciplines.

This tech also improved in a short amount of time, for instance, in Qatar 2022, FIFA approved the implementation of an even more technological system to the mix: the Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT) and the results have a great impact on the game. In fact, experts agree that never before have matches been as fair as now. It is rather logical for a business sector so closely related to sports, such as the betting industry, to also seek the help of a bet-assisting software. In that regard, seems to be the best solution available and today we are going to see why.

Multiple bookmakers through one account

Any competent bettor knows that after a while a single bookmaker won’t be enough when you start to get serious about sports betting. Nevertheless, the only solution, which is creating your own portfolio with the best online betting brands, is a let’s say challenging activity that requires time, effort, and the willingness to risk getting scammed every time you want to add a new entry. After all, we are talking about money, and given that most punters face a lot to earn it, it is more than logical that they do not wish to go to such an extent

That’s precisely the first solution that BSO, the best betting software offers. This platform is known for its disposition to make its user’s life easier. That’s the minimum to be expected from a company whose motto is “a pledge of excellence” and whose three main principles are speed, efficiency, and relaxation. is a website where punters can place their wagers fast and without wasting time, effort or any other type of valuable resource. Furthermore, users have the possibility of placing simultaneous multiple wagers, virtually as much as they want, at different bookies without the need for opening other accounts.

 What’s BSO’s betting offer?

Offering solutions is any software’s main idea and even if the multiple bookmakers through one account feature is an interesting one, that’s not enough to grant the “best betting software” title. In BSO, punters will also have access to a myriad of betting options and markets that will surely accommodate their needs, particularly if they are football fans; after all, is mainly a football betting system that works with other sports.

Let’s talk numbers:

– 10 different sports

– 15 allied bookmakers

– 85 leagues and tournaments

– 22 default markets

– Several special deals

These are figures almost impossible to be reached by a single bookie, yet are the standard for, just like other computer-assisted results. Moreover, their catalog of bookies comprises the best online betting brands, which are the ones with the highest reliability, client satisfaction, and operational and technological features. As more exchanges and sportsbooks go through such a vetting process, the ones deemed worthy can join the rest; therefore the list is ever-growing.


There is still a lot to say about; however, following their example on quickness and efficiency, we can resume the benefits you get when you open a single online betting account as follows:

– A high-tech interface that’s also easy to use and customizable to a certain extent.

– A list of the best sportsbooks and exchanges available in the industry.

– Betting opportunities for football lovers that aren’t available anywhere else.

– Deposit and withdrawal methods that go from the most traditional, such as Bank Transfers, to more modern options in the likes of e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

– A customer service team that’s reachable on a 24/7 basis through multiple platforms such as e-mail and Skype.

– An special permanent program consisting of kickbacks for every successful wager placed on the star bookmakers: 0.3% for SingBet and 0.1% in PS3838.

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